Secure & safe

We have worried about customer and user privacy since the very start of COMVAY back in 2008, long before it became legally binding to take such a position. We ask for only the least amount of information necessary, gathering only what we believe is essential for doing business, or for the specific transaction at hand. We let customers know the information we have on them and allow them to opt out of specific engagements. But, by far, our biggest commitment is that we never shared your information with someone else and we never will.
This means we avoid the fundamental conflict of interest between gathering customer information and fueling advertising revenue and the unavoidable compromises in customer privacy that it brings.

What we do

Encrypting passwords

We encrypt passwords through an

automatic routine which not even we can read.

We make use of a secure socket layer (SSL) to

establish a crypt link between COMVAY and any browser.

Log actions

We log all actions server side for 6 months.

After that, we delete all logs.

We deactivate indexing of directories and

run a Firewall to prevent complex attacks.

Blcking IP

We block all IP addresses mentioned in the blacklist.

We run a routine to protected COMVAY against

Brute Force Attack.

We update security patches and

Firewall rules on a monthly bases.

Two factor

Two-factor authentication for

extra secure login to COMVAY.

Ook benieuwd hoe jouw bedrijf zich kan onderscheiden?

Wij verwerken uw gegevens volgens ons privacy statement

Gratis trial?

Bent u geïnteresseerd geraakt in Comvay? Wilt u het uitproberen? Wenst u meer informatie, een presentatie of heeft u vragen? Vul dan uw gegevens in en we nemen z.s.m. contact met u op. Alles geheel vrijblijvend natuurlijk.